model with sequence diagrams

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design call flows

Telecom signaling interactions are difficult to document and understand due to their incredible complexity. EventStudio helps by representing the system as a multi-level hierarchy and then letting you generate diagrams at different levels of abstraction.

Messages, timers, resources modeling is built into the FDL modeling language. Multiple scenario modeling support helps with modeling of myriads of success and failure signaling scenarios.

model object interactions

EventStudio has built in support for object interaction modeling. You start with defining the architecture as a multi-level hierarchy. The different levels could be used to represent namespaces and modules. Object interactions are represented as a cascade of method invokes and returns. New and delete of objects modeling is directly supported. EventStudio even analyzes your design to catch memory leaks in scenarios.

define use cases

Visualize the use cases with use case diagrams. EventStudio lets you define actors and the system as a multilevel hierarchy. Interactions between actors and the system are modeled with FDL. The use case diagrams can then be generated automatically. The diagrams can be generated at customizable level of detail.

A good use case coverage requires generation of multiple alternative scenarios. EventStudio facilitates multiple scenario generation by letting you specify how the alternate scenarios differ from the base scenario. Complete diagrams for specified scenarios are generated automatically.

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