HelixRouter Sequence Diagrams

This article takes the next step in Helix Router object design. We have already identified the objects involved in Helix Router operation. The following class diagram summarizes the relationships between the identified classes.

UML Class Diagram for Helix Router

The class diagram does summarize the important relationships but it does not give us any clues about the interactions involved in the system. This requires developing sequence diagrams for the important message interactions.

Another look at the requirements suggests that we should examine the following scenarios in detail:

  • Package routed successfully from the input queue to the output queue.
  • Conveyor Belt is jammed, resulting in the package not being delivered to the output conveyor belt.
  • Online creation and deletion of Conveyor Belts on operator command.

The following documents have been generated using EventStudio. These documents show the dynamic behavior of the system. Object interactions are shown in sequence. The sequence diagrams will be the basis for coding the Helix Router.