wireshark to callflow gallery

select wireshark fields

sequence diagram

Open the PCAP file in Wireshark and copy the fields you wish to include in your call flow diagram.

context diagram

Paste the copied fields into the FXT file and enlose them with <opcode> or <param> tags.

generate a call flow

object interaction diagram in microsoft word

Run VisualEther and generate the sequence diagram in PDF. You can highlight and add comments. Click on any message...

collaboration diagram in microsoft powerpoint

...to see the complete message details in a browser window.

get port level detail

component level sequence diagram

Select the "Display Port Numbers" option to display source and destination port numbers...

module level sequence diagram

...select the "Port Level Axis" option to treat each port number has a separate instance axis.

slice. dice. analyze.

interface sequence diagram

Generate a context diagram to get a bird's eye view of the Wireshark logs.

interface context diagram

Generate a sequence diagram that just displays interactions involving one entity.