Long Term Evolution (LTE) Tutorials

LTE video tutorial

LTE physical layer

Introduction to LTE architecture

LTE and LTE Advanced presentations

LTE protocol architecture

LTE network architecture

E-UTRAN user plance protocol stack

EPS architecture overview

This excellent video by Russell DeLong covers the EPS in detail. The topics covered here are:

Terminology clarifications for "4G LTE" and the EPS.

Overview of each component of EPS. Russell walks you through the role of the MME, the S-GW and the P-GW.

Overview of each logical connection between each component on the EPS.

LTE channels and performance

LTE channels and protocol layers

LTE physical layer presentation

Dynamic radio resource management in LTE

Frequency reuse in LTE


LTE signal visualization

LTE signal demonstration

LTE/LTE Advanced Networks - special issue

EPC Videos


MME by chrisreece


S-GW by chrisreece


P-GW by chrisreece


HSS by chrisreece

Voice over LTE

VoLTE video tutorial

Circuit switched fallback in LTE

LTE & Voice by chrisreece

Many networks use circuit switched fallback for setting up voice. When an LTE user makes a voice call, the mobile falls back to to UMTS. Pros and cons of CS fallback are also discussed.

Introduction to IMS

IMS will increasingly play a bigger role in next generation IP services. IMS will start with voice and move over to other services. IMS components and their interactions with LTE and voice networks are discussed.