IMS Conference Call Flow Diagrams

This sequence diagram shows an IMS user creating a conference by using a conference-factory URI. The conference is created at a MRFC-AS of the users home network. The steps involved in the conference scenario covered here are:

  • The conference initiator UE uses the conference factory URI to initiate a conference with the MRFC-AS (Multimedia Resource Function Control/Application Server).
  • The MRFC-AS assigns a conference URI to the conference and configures the MRFP (Multimeda Resource Function Processor).
  • The conference call is setup and the RTP data begins flowing between the conference initiating UE and the MRFP.
  • The conference initiator then uses the refer procedure to add more users to the conference. The new users establish a call to the conference URI passed in the refer message.
  • When the conference is in progress, RTP media streams are being mixed and propagated to all the participants.
  • The conference user drops out of the conference. All users are notified for this exit from the conference.